How To Prevent Kidney Stones

Preventing kidney stones from forming is always the best treatment for kidney stones whether you have them or not, and believe it or not they are easier to prevent than you may think. Having said that, those who have experienced kidney stones in the past should also take extra steps to prevent recurrences.
Here’s some steps you can take that can help stop kidney stones from forming:

Increase Your Fluid Intake

For healthy individuals, the best way to prevent kidney stones is to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of fluid can keep the minerals and acids found in urine from becoming highly concentrated and can thus keep them from forming kidney stones.

If your urine is frequently dark yellow in color, this means that your body is not getting enough water. This should then be taken as a sign that your fluid intake should be further increased.

Increase water intakeIdeally, healthy individuals should drink at least 10 full glasses of liquids every day, and at least half of them should be water. It is also important to drink at least one glass with each meal and to drink ample amounts of fluid in the nighttime if possible.

For those facing an increased risk of kidney stones however, more fluid intake will be more beneficial. For example, those at risk of cystine stones, which are caused by an increased amount of cystine in the urine, should drink at least 16 8-oz. glasses of water each day. Of course use your common sense as too much fluid intake can be dangerous.

Also, don’t forget to increase fluid intake just as your activity increases. This means that if you undergo stressful situations, stay outside under the sun longer, or do more strenuous activities, it is important to drink more water than usual to replace what you are losing through sweat for example.

Aside from water, daily orange juice intake can also help prevent kidney stones from forming, especially in the case of people who have already had kidney stones in the past. On the other hand, some fluids may do the exact opposite and increase your chances of getting kidney stones. Some examples are caffeine-rich beverages, soft drinks, apple juice, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice.

Different types of alcoholic beverages also may have different effects on a person’s susceptibility to kidney stones. Wine can actually help protect against kidney stones, but beer and other alcoholic beverages that contain purines may have the opposite effect.

Take Medications For Underlying Disorders

The risk of kidney stone formation can be increased by several factors, including other health disorders. Health disorders that may cause kidney stones can generally be categorized into two. The first are disorders that cause a hormone or acid imbalance in the body that, in turn, cause the concentration of certain substances in the urine to increase. The second are hereditary conditions that run in families.

If you are suffering from a disorder that increases your risk of developing kidney stones, make sure to take medications for them. This will not only help you deal with the symptoms of the condition you’re experiencing but they will also help to prevent kidney stones forming.

Diet To Prevent Kidney Stones

High concentrations of calcium and uric acid in urine can cause the formation of kidney stones. Thus, some people may also be required to make changes to their diet.

People who have a higher susceptibility for kidney stones should reduce the intake of foods that are rich in sodium and protein. Take note, also, that a high-calcium diet does not directly increase the risk of kidney stone formation, but if it is not accompanied by plenty of fluids, then there is a possibility of increasing the risk. On the other hand, a high-potassium diet can help prevent kidney stones from forming.

Prevent kidney stonesPatients who are at a higher risk of kidney stones should also try to take steps in keeping their bodies more alkaline than acidic, and this can be done by making major changes to one’s diet.

Keep in mind, however, that since there are different types of kidney stones, each patient should work closely with their physicians in developing a customized diet plan that will address each patient’s specific dietary needs.

Frequent Urination

Increased fluid intake can trigger more frequent urination. In fact, healthy fluid levels should produce at least two and a half quarts of urine daily. Therefore, for kidney stones to be successfully prevented, it is important to urinate on time and when you feel like doing so. Holding urine in for prolonged periods of time is a bad habit that may increase your vulnerability to kidney stones.

Medical advice on kidney stones prevention

If you haven’t done so already, you should always seek a professionals advice on how to prevent kidney stones.

They not only will be able to help you understand what is actually causing your kidney stones to form but provide the best advice and help on what course of action can be taken for getting rid of kidney stones and how to prevent kidney stones from forming in the future.

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